Apples from Zhaotong


Normally apples don’t get to grow at such low latitudes, but the high altitudes of the Yunnan plateau provide low temperature and good sunshine for these juicy fruits, with clean soil and water as a plus, which is getting scarce in the north of the country. Since the introduction of apples to Zhaotong in the 40’s, this small city has been the major provider of apples to the southern half of China. Their production can also easily reach the South-East Asia within 3 days after harvest.

Mid-Jul to Sep is the season of harvest. We were very lucky to be able to snatch a good couple of kilos from the local farmers who were selling them at the side of the road at a very reasonable price. You can hardly get fresher apples than those. Mostly they are the pick of the day and are still wearing the rain from the morning.


2 Sep, 2013. Zhaotong, Yunnan, China.

Shot with a Canon 5DIII + Canon EF 70-200mm 1:2.8 L  IS II USM


A mother and her two daughters

Jiajia_mergedno flash

I’m quite a newbie when it comes to portraits. Several months ago I went to Matt Anderson’s one day workshop for better flash photography (I know, the point of the workshop was better flash, but practically better flash for portraits), and I was in urgent need for models to practice, with or without flash. But who can be forgiving enough to tolerate my endless requests — “can we do it again this way? again that way?” — happily?

…My loving grandma, auntie, and mom! Big thanks to them! They have been great models, trying their best to support the photographer, even though they are no natural posers in front of cameras.

Big thanks to my cousin too, who was temporarily my assistant for this session. She could immediately understand what I wanted, and translated my ideas to detailed instructions and jokes that made the most nervous subjects smile. I cannot ask for a better assistant.

This was no professional session — to start with, there can be much better wardrobe and make-up work, which virtually didn’t exist — but I think everybody enjoyed it!

PS. When put side by side, portraits with flash really pops out, a lot!

Behind the scenes…

Aug, 2013

Shot with a Canon 6D + Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD, with or without Canon 580EX II controlled by Yongnuo YN-622C Wireless Flash Trigger Transceiver set for Canon

Zurich Wildness Park 苏黎世野生动物园

It’s a great place to be on a warm day especially with the family — they have programs for children every now and then.

It’s located just south of Zurich city. Take train S4 to Wildpark-Höfli. It’s only 26min From Zurich main station (HB), and there is a train every 20min. A 24hr ticket costs 6.6 CHF with half fare card. And the park is completely free!



We paid a visit last week. The walk in the spread-out park was particularly pleasant. Thick canopy chilling, birds singing and churring, strong scent of Bärlauch flowers in the air. Occasionally one can see several deers or other animals watching you passing by cautiously. Right, the animals are captivated, but in rather wide open areas, and they are mostly local Alpine animals, so I would say they seem to be happier than those poor guys in the zoos. And yes, that means one also need some luck to see the animals.



We had pretty good luck that day. When we paused at the park center for a lunch, a little bear family came to enjoy the cooling pond. Hardly anything can beat the fluffy jumping cubs with their cuteness. They enjoyed the splashing for a while, and retreated back to the deep green.




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两周前和同事去远足 Hiking with colleagues last weekend





不过那天看到了瑞士有名的裸体登山者。。。眼尖者见照片。。。不枉此行。。。还看到了一家人养的小种马,就跟大点的狗一样大,超可爱 =D 还毛茸茸的~不过另一方面我也挺这些侏儒马感到悲哀的。最后一张照片里的是Appenzell当地典型的老农民,高原红的脸,叼根勾勾状的烟嘴。另外,据说当地传统农民夏天是从来不穿鞋的,此已被当事者证实。

Hiking 2 weeks ago (3 Oct) in Appenzell. Golden autumn, blue sky. Stepped in mud on the way…now that shoe of mine is still not washed, quite crusty though…The biggest reward is to be able to see a naked hiker, very famous phenomenon in Switzerland (check the photo to see if you can find him) . In the end saw a couple of dwarf horses, super cute and fluffy!!! Though I also feel sad for the poor mutated animals at the same time…In the last photo one can see a typical local farmer, with red cheeks and sucking on a tobacco pipe all the time

Nice day!