Zurich Wildness Park 苏黎世野生动物园

It’s a great place to be on a warm day especially with the family — they have programs for children every now and then. www.wildnispark.ch

It’s located just south of Zurich city. Take train S4 to Wildpark-Höfli. It’s only 26min From Zurich main station (HB), and there is a train every 20min. A 24hr ticket costs 6.6 CHF with half fare card. And the park is completely free!



We paid a visit last week. The walk in the spread-out park was particularly pleasant. Thick canopy chilling, birds singing and churring, strong scent of Bärlauch flowers in the air. Occasionally one can see several deers or other animals watching you passing by cautiously. Right, the animals are captivated, but in rather wide open areas, and they are mostly local Alpine animals, so I would say they seem to be happier than those poor guys in the zoos. And yes, that means one also need some luck to see the animals.



We had pretty good luck that day. When we paused at the park center for a lunch, a little bear family came to enjoy the cooling pond. Hardly anything can beat the fluffy jumping cubs with their cuteness. They enjoyed the splashing for a while, and retreated back to the deep green.




Visit my flickr set 我的Flickr相册 http://www.flickr.com/photos/62443806@N03/sets/72157634024478538/


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