Missed flight

-___________- b

Was a bit absent minded so didn’t really think about the time…only arrived 30min before departure…check-in gate already closed…
Though I already checked in on-line the day before, those ass-hole women there still didn’t allow me to drop luggage or offer to deliver the luggage somehow else way…great service…

Checked in a hotel and finally found in the internet an affordable flight via Malaysia to Frankfurt tomorrow, not too bad…

I don’t wanna be "Little Miss Late" any-more! Quite a lesson this time, though I get to see Malaysia for it 😉 (probably only the airport)

And, Tokyo Narita airport, albeit the biggest one in Japan, is just FANTASTIC! No travel agency around (airport without travel agency?!), no WIFI (had to use coin-operated public computer), phone calls incredibly expensive (I probably have spent over 60CHF calling around), major airlines don’t have permanent counters/offices (mostly only open in the morning), and the info desk provides no more info than within the airport (I was asking if I can find a travel agency outside of the airport, like in a neighbouring town -"Probably you can, but I don’t know where". Then what website do you check on-line if you book a flight? -"Some travel agency." Then which one? -"I don’t know". And that’s why I had to ask for individual airline calling centres to call one by one, until I finally give up and got a hotel for today).

Take-home message: don’t mess with Tokyo Narita airport!


3 thoughts on “Missed flight

  1. 这个机票是不给改签的。。。其实本来如果他们人好的话也完全可以让我上飞机然后行李走cargo之类的,但是他们没有提出任何可行性方案,啥都没管我也觉得我很强。。。好了,在误机这方面我人生完整了这下。。。

  2. 我觉得missed 应该可以支付一般150 dollars-euros 然后改一个下一个available呀 好变态的航空公司和机场人员阿。。。行李可以上下一个航班 不过大概现在因为security的关系吧have a nice flight 那么

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