The best new year snow camp ever…II

Yeah I know. I didn’t expect there is a contiuation either…
Two days after the injury, Ben can’t stand the pain anymore — he could barely spleep in the night, and the continuation of the pain suggests something more than regular muscle/tendon injury. Yesterday after breadfast, they decided to send him down to the town hospital to have a check. Luckily we bought  accident insurance, so picking him up by a first aid ski crew, sending to and back to the hospital with ambulance is free — actually we could have called them up to pick him up immediately after the accident, but we didn’t know we actually bought such an insurance and we are provided with such serive. Anyway, I don’t know the situation down in the town because he went alone, but the way down seem to be quite an adventure. He was basically tied on to a long sledge like a mummy, and was dragged down by a skiing woman (yeah it’s a bit tough job for a woman isn’t it?) (picutre to follow),with head frontwards, i.e. downwards. He later said that wasn’t exactly comfortable at all, bacause almost all the snow dust produced by the the woman’s ski flew to his face while he couldn’t do anything about it. Later in the afternoon he finally came back with a pasted leg — indeed one of his bones at the junction of the lower leg and the foot was cracked. Well it’s not a bad idea to have been to the hospital. It’s said that it will probably take him a month for the crack to close, whcih means I’ll have to be his nanny so long before him recovers.
Some notes from this accident:
  • Buying insurance is not always a waste of money. And use it in time doesn’t do harm.
  • Skiing (and other speed sports) is more dangerous than conventional sports in that normally you wounldn’t expect such a high speed produced by the body itself. When he broke his foot, he probably was stopped from 50~70km/h down to 0 through 10cm distance. He said the very 1st thought he had when he was knocked down was ‘how could my foot do such a movement?’ (he said his foot was pushed totally to the side so that the botom of the foot was basically at a parallel surface to that of the side fo the leg), then followed the pain. Snowboarding can be more dangerous than skiing in that snowboard doesn’t drop automatically upon unwanted force. So for skiiers, don’t overesitimate your weight when adjusting your skis.
  • Be careful in bad weather, but also don’t relax too much in good weather.
  • Transportation is just totally expenive in Europe. Ben spent around 60Euros at the hospical, but more than hundred on taxi for buying medicine and back to the hospital.
Here comes the last straw of the parents nerves. Ben’s brothers and other friends nicely offtered to ski down to the town to say hello when he finished. Despite the dad’s objection, they went anyway (I wouldn’t think it a problem either; I also skiied this way last year quite a couple of times and it was quite nice, ‘cos it’s relatively long so you don’t get bored by frequent repetition). After they were back, the youngest son, Robert, told the parents that he fell on the way down and knocked his elbow on his ribs and now the rib area hurt a lot that he couldn’t move properly. I think this is a collapsing point of the parents — Eva simply fell into the sofa with open mouth when hearing it. Although I could more or less tell that there shouldn’t be much serious trouble, since Robert was totally relaxed when pressing his ribs and he could walk around without problem, of course I don’t have the qualification to judge. The parents called the 1st aid crew again and sent him down to the town, escorted by his oldest brother (‘cos Robert is below 18), Daniel, who was skiing behind the sledge — 2nd person to send down on a same day.
The couple of hours while they were away weren’t pleasant at all. First of all it’s was getting dark when they departed, even if we could trust the 1st aid crew, it could be still dangerous for Daniel, and we don’t want anyone more to be injured; Second, Daniel didn’t have his wallet with him but only a bit more than 100Euros given by the dad in a hurry just before they departed. It can be that it’s getting too late that they couldn’t come up the hotel anymore that they had to stay in the town for a evening. So we were kind of sure that this 100Euro wasn’t at all enough. And even if it could be enough, since Daniel also didn’t have his identity, he can’t check in a hotel at all. So there were a lot of worries. But to add the most on top, their parents just collapsed; there were just too many accidents in a short time they couldn’t take it anymore. Especially the dad; he was totally panicking, that he begin to repeatedly blame it’s Ben’s fault, calling him the ’causer’, because if it wasn’t Ben who said it would be nice if the guys would see him down the mountain while he was trying to stop them, they wouldn’t have skiied that way, and Robert wouldn’t have injured…For this Ben got so pissed and also begin to feel extremely guilty that he began to cry like hell (he was baby-sitting Robert a lot when Robert was little so he loves Robert a lot) while saying ‘I’m not speaking to Martin (the dad) anymore for today’…BTW it’s my 1st time to see him crying like real.
Then very soon I witnessed a genuine ‘rainbow after storm’ in mankind, totally in a sudden. All of the worries and tension dissipated simply after a call from Daniel from the hospital confirming that Robert basically didn’t have problems (you know, typical trick from a youngest child in the family to attract attention and care. No judgement, pure biology). With this call as a dividing valley, everything was filled with smile, warmth and love afterwards. I was really thinking I should have video-recorded their fighting before and play it back to them now so that they could learn something. And what’s better is that it turned out they didn’t even have to stay in the town for the evening (for which they had to ‘pay a hell’ according to the hotel people), but instead they could simply take a taxi until some point and for the rest the hotel people can pick them up with their snow motorcycle. Eventually the two came back shortly after dinner time, safe and (mainly Robert) excited. I personally think Daniel deserved a medal as Hero of the Day.
Eva said they’ve been spending new year snow camp here for 18 years already, and never an accident before, and this year we had all.
Tomorrow we are supposed to head back home, while they released low temperature and blizzard alarm for France and Germany, though the situation for Switzreland didn’t seem too bad. So wish us a big happy endding to this story and I don’t really like to have a further continuation anymore.
BTW, as my dad’s alway saying, the safe-most two jobs are cook and medical doctor. In this holiday, I personally confirmed the latter. without a doctor around in the hotel, a last semester medicine student, who was also just spending her ski holiday here, turned our savior. It’s cool to study medicine.

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