The best new year snow camp ever…

Maybe i’m bragging a bit by saying it’s the "best new year snow camp ever" because it’s just the 2nd of such I ever joined so far
But I really hope there won’t be even "better" ones anymore
We planned to leave on 2 Jan, then on the evening of 1 Jan, Ben’s mom, Eva, slipped in her bedroom and knocked her forehead on the spiky corner of the bed, bleeding her hair red. Luckily, in spite of all the panic her husband undertook (he virtually faints upon seeing blood) and all the hustle of calling the emergency crew and sending to hospital for a series of examnination including CT, she ended up returning home at 3am with just a couple of stiches on her forehead. Not too bad. Of course, even if her oldest son was quite distified by the delay caused by her accident where he even called up again as early as 6am in the morning to ask if we are still leaving as planned or not, we decided to leave the next day, after Eva’s caught up a bit of holiday mood after such a shock.
Actually the way here to Mont Blanc was pretty smooth and we even caught up a bit skiing already in the afternoon. I haven’t done for almost  year so I did it slowly and carefully. So far so good.
The second day, it started to snow, sky was foggy. In a more professional expression, there was no directly light but totally difussive, under which you don’t have good shadow behind structures, so you don’t see the snow condition well: smooth or bumpy, hard or soft. I thought we couldn’t ski in such weather, but they laughed saying it’s not problem at all. Well, later it proved it IS a problem, at least for me. Since I’m not at all experinced in such a deep-snow-and-dim-light situation, and I was in a total height of excitement for skiing, I wasn’t as careful as on the 1st day, and I was just keep running and trapped in deep snow again and again. It wasn’t quite a problem except my companions had to stop for me every now and then to help digging my ski out — and on a contrary, it was kind of fun for me — until my last fall, where I was running too fast beyond my ability to judge the situation that I twisted my left knee on a small hard bump I failed to see. It felt like my bones were removed  apart from each other that I couldn’t move or make a sound but just was lying there for quite a moment after the pain released a bit. Well, after a brief checking we found out I actually could still move my leg that I don’t have to end up in a hospital. And shortly after that I even made it back to the hotel by skiing all way back myself. But of course this was my last ski practice before I can bend my leg again.
Unable to ski anymore from the 2nd day of a 6-day snow camp, after purchasing a 6-day cable car pass for 150 Euros, how great it is! Well, it turned I’m not alone. Simply on the 3rd day, while I  was reading in my bed, while the sun was shining beautifuly outside of the window, Ben came back humping on his right leg — not kidding, he also twisted his left ankle, worse than I did! I had been enjoy his care-taking, now it’s my turn to take care of him… two cripples lying in the bed…people started to joke that he loved me so much that he had to hurt himself to be my companion…Well, this wouldn’t be the kind of love I would exactly enjoy.
It’s the 4th day today, and I’ve being lying the whole day in bed still, "enjoying" watching the skiers outside enjoying themselves. I think I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday — I can walk with longer stride with my still stiff left leg now, and I hope I can eventually manage to squeez myself into those boots and catch up a bit of ski feeling, at least a little bit, before the week ends.
And I didn’t bring my own lap-top, so apologies for those who can’t read English with total ease. Wish everybody a much better New Year than that I have!
Love, Raya, trapped on Mont Blanc

8 thoughts on “The best new year snow camp ever…

  1. Enjoy Mount Blanc still an take good care. I exhausted my left knee last year and had to go to physical therapies a lot and this year I just felt my knee much faster than before ah oh.. Say hi to Ben

  2. for me turning from one side is easier than the other so I exhausted my left one…but the physical therapist in NY told me that I didn\’t need a surgery…but a lot of exercises are needed to recover

  3. uh…. aren\’t you supposed to equalize the pressure per every meter you descend?And if you don\’t feel well, going up a bit and equalize till you feel comfortable. This is a bit exaggerated but I\’m very sensetive of the pressure so I have to equalize as much as I could. Haha. I think the first few metres are the hardest and then it\’s alright. But i descend really really slow. And i think swallow is a better way. Water in southeast asia\’s really warm. Lots of underwater creatures. And most importantly, it has the best price/quality ratio.

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