I know New Moon is crap

I can’t quite stand the story (if there’s a bit of a story at all)
And I hate Bella and Edward
But Jacob is just so HOOOOOOOOT!! He’s SEARING hot!!!!!!
Though I still prefer the long hair look…he’s cuter like that 😉
Also the movie photos look a lot better, while I can’t download them from imdb…only posters then~


4 thoughts on “I know New Moon is crap

  1. 我已经在imdb看过comments 还不敢看。。。。不过我觉得twilight的第一个还是不错的 据说Bella and Ed 演得那个汗。。

  2. Ting: Bella and Ed 演得very汗…they are just unreasonably sad and "deep"… Sally: I agree…he looks like a typical cartoon figure from the States, like superman or something, esp. his head shape, he\’s just a walking cartoon…

  3. 实在是没有什么情节可言,我看到半场都出去买爆米花吃了……不过jacob还是挺养眼的,呵呵~

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