Official Announcement 官方消息


新闻来源: 北京晨报 于December 02, 2007 12:19:00 
So some years later, when I move back to China, I HAVE TO do the HIV examination. Also aplies to foreigners who plan for long stay in China.
Yeah, some other items with which they could make quite some money.

10 thoughts on “Official Announcement 官方消息

  1. Its ridiculous.But i think in this case, people who reside in China who haven\’t had HIV test for more than one year should re-test too. But did you take HIV test before you went to UK? I was tested when I was tested without notifying in the first place when I took the examination for US university in Shanghai though…..And i think for foreigners, its long been that. If you want to stay longer, you take lots of blood test. Hmmmm if they are really learning from SARS case, everyone enters and leaves the border of the city, provinces, country, etc must be requested to take HIV test. Isn\’t it?

  2. “回国须在1个月内进行健康体检”,你一般不会呆那么久,不吊他,不知道会怎么样~
    这个检查,我觉得还是合理的嘛,不知道你们怎么这么大意见呢?至于some other items 和巧立名目(查肝功两对半血指标…全查齐了),这些还只是猜测还不是已有的事实三(感觉我自己像唐僧,哈哈),等那些成为事实了,你们再上板砖也不迟嘛。我只是好奇,如果查出来了,又该如何?

  3. 这个条例竟然是质检总局出的。。。不晓得质检总局的经营范围是什么。不过按照前一段时间发改委牵头调整黄金周假期的思路来看,这个项目由主管进出口贸易的部门来开发会更合适一些吧

  4. I agree with Ting\’s suggestion of parallel tests on local residents too! And you\’re not telling me that the Chinese visa applicants have to present some official STD/HIV tests certificate? And if it\’s just some ticks left for the applicants to choose yes or not, it doesn\’t make any sense, yes? Sounds like the stupid ticks for criminal records for GRE.
    And for going abroad I didn\’t do any HIV tests, non-compulsary for any of my designation contries. While I did twice blood donation, from which i guess if there\’s anything positive I should be able to know…
    To Savio: Import and Export?! Hahaha…you are hilarious!!! =D

  5. 这个现在正好归我和程老大的单位管呢,呵呵。其实没那么严格,回来后,自己去我们单位的保健中心检查就可以了。

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