Hello everyone,
I’m in the office at the momnet making use of the half an hour between two experimental steps to do something fun. Sorry for such weird combination of english txt and authentic Chinese topic.
I’m run out of breakfast for several days. I’ve finished my oat, my bread, and i don’t really want to go on with baked beans anymore. So I decieded to do something I’ve thought of for long yet put my hands on. I’ve been thinking of making some light and refreshing ManTou thus I can simply heat them in the microwave everymorning, just like those bought from the supermarkets in China (we do have those sort of things in the Chinese stores here but I don’t think they worth the high tax rate though they taste much better than mine…)
Oops, I gotto go to the lab…back later.
Here I’m back. Let’s go on.
So here they are, the advanced edition: BaoZi(Wow!), instead of ManTou!!!
There was suddenly some sparkling in my head and I used some peas and sweet corns as stuffying, and tried my best to make them something like BaoZi. It was lovely to watch them growing round in the steamer. Of course they did’t look as good as those industrial products, ‘cos the self raising flour I used was something less refined.
I tried one. It tasted…well…to be frank…not as nice as I’d expected. It was not as puffy as the ManTou I made the other day. Maybe it’s because that I’ve left the bun for some time before steaming and it got dry a little bit, or that I pressed too hard as I tried to flatten it before wrapping up the stuffing that the tiny air bubbles among the starch particles which were supposed to puff the bun up when heated were driven away. And the stuffing was not nicely impressive either; I shouldn’t have used the garlic black bean sause–it didn’t taste refreshing at all!!
Anyway, the photo does look charming, doesn’t it? 🙂
And I eventually have something like a real breakfast, and they are not available to everyone! Hiahia =D’
According to Wikipedia, ‘According to legend’, BaoZi were ‘invented by sage Zhu Geliang’. Suprising, hum? I didn’t know he was also involved in the catering business, hehe. ;P

8 thoughts on “MISSION: Bao Zi!

  1. 看起来不错。右边那个看起来还跟花卷一样哦,乱rua的哦?:P

  2. 为啥子你这么多更新我一个都没看到。。。

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